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Technical Analysis and Technical Events

Technical Analysis is the practice of anticipating changes in a financial instrument's price by finding patterns within it's price history. It is the quantitative side of investment research, and both supports and complements other views, such as Fundamental Analysis, where investors use a company's financial information such as earnings or debt to determine if it is an appropriate investment.

Coined by Trading Central, a Technical Event® signifies an important pattern or activity has occurred, such as the price crossing a critical line or threshold. Technical Events highlight price situations that may be worth considering in researching an investment activity. Technical Events can be used by investors to make more informed decisions about when to:

  • Enter a new position (either a long or short position)
  • Close an existing position

  • Wait for a better time to take action

Technical Events covered

Trading Central’s patented pattern recognition is paired with the industry’s largest library of technical analysis including classic patterns, candlesticks, Elliott Wave and indicators like Bollinger Bands and MACD. This allows our flagship products such as Technical Insight to analyze virtually every publicly traded financial instrument including stocks, ETFs, indices, foreign exchange and futures.

Explore the different chart patterns we cover and their implications on an instruments price below:

Classic Chart Patterns


Short-term Chart Patterns