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Discover live bullish or bearish investment ideas based on our award-winning technical and fundamental analytics, and support by backtested strategies! You can easily personalize your ideas to match your unique trading style with our powerful filters, which let you screen by pattern type, holding-timeframe and more!

Frequently asked questions.

There are less than 5 Featured Events today. Why?

During periods of sideways or low market activity, it is possible that fewer patterns are found in the stocks being analyzed. Or if the market is falling and you are looking for bullish patterns, there may be very few found. Also, to maintain high quality results, Featured Ideas imposes certain filters on the type of company that is featured, so if few patterns are found in that subset of the total market, then it is possible that less than 5 Featured Events have occurred. Effectively, the quality of these Featured Events is important, not the quantity.

What is the Featured Events - Most Viewed Events link showing me?

Every time a user views an event on the Chart page, Featured Ideas tracks that the event has been viewed. On the Technical Insight™ Overview page, the "Most Viewed Events" panel shows the events from the last week that have been viewed by the most people in the last 24 hours.

What is the Featured Events - Highest Rated Events link showing me?

On the Chart page, users can provide a rating indicating how good a specific Technical Event® opportunity is. Featured Ideas collects this information and makes it available for each event. On the Technical Insight™ page, Featured Ideas presents the recent events (within the last week) that have the highest rating among those that have been rated by a sufficiently large number of users.

The overall market is strongly trending in one direction. How should this affect the way I interpret the trading ideas and other research?

The overall market direction is one of the strongest influences on your potential gains or losses on financial markets. You should always consider the direction of the overall market before deciding to look at either bullish or bearish trading opportunities. Bullish opportunities are still found when markets are falling, but they will be affected by the overall market direction and can often be overwhelmed by it. The same rules apply to bearish trading opportunities. It is always a good idea to trade in the direction of the overall market. Use an exchange or industry index or ETF to qualify the direction of the overall market. Is the index or ETF above or below the key moving averages? Also refer to other research sources to get timely market direction information as markets can turn quickly and abruptly.

There are Featured Events today that are dated from a couple days ago. Why?

When fewer than 5 Featured Events are found on a particular day, Featured Events from previous days are repeated if they remain as effective opportunities

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