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Panoramic View

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Through an award-winning fusion of proprietary AI analytics, Panoramic View displays TC proprietary scores at a glance, giving you a full overview of any financial instrument. TC proprietary scores can be used in high impact placements, like your watchlists, screener pages and portfolios to help you make timely, and informed investment decisions.

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Panoramic View consists of three powerful indicators, providing a summary across multiple analysis types including technical, fundamental, sentiment and news. Together, these analytics offer a panoramic view of financial performance.

Technical Score

How is the price trending on the charts?

Using the Technical Score investors can easily identify the directional outlook of a financial instrument as either bullish, bearish or neutral across short to long time frames. Learn More!


Value Score

Is there good value in business performance?

Use the traffic light indicator of red, yellow or green to see how well an instrument matches to value investing criteria. Learn More!


News & Sentiment

What’s buzzing in the news and on social media?

These indicators show how much news attention an instrument has been getting in the last 24 hours, along with the overall news sentiment as positive or negative. The higher the News Volume gauge, the more of an impact this positive, or negative news could have on the market. Learn More!

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Company Fundamentals

Easily view key data points about an instrument, including its ticker symbol, related-industry, market price, and overall price change in the last 5 days.