Getting Started with
Strategy Builder

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Strategy Builder enables you to define and evaluate well-suited, multi-factor strategies for selecting investment candidates using both fundamental and technical analysis.

Start with a Pre-Built Screen


Learn from the pros!

The simplest way to begin is to select one of the pre-built expert or community screens on the landing page depending on which criteria suits you best.


Make it yours!

Now that you have a jumping off-point for your strategy, you can modify it as much as you'd like. Try adding or removing different filter criteria!


Turn on email alert!

Once you've refined your strategy, set up an email alert to get the latest investment ideas in your inbox!

Build Your Own Screen


Create a new screen

Want to create a strategy completely unique to you? Select the "Add New" button from the landing page to begin building.


Add screen criteria

Add your favourite technical and fundamental criteria to your screener. Not familiar with something? A brief description is included alongside all options!


Refine the screen criteria

Once you've selected some filters, continue to refine them. For example, set the "Stock Price" to a range you're comfortable investing in or filter for a desirable debt-to-equity ratio.

Review Your Results


Find the investments that match your strategy

Scroll down to the top results, where you'll find matching investments and their details.


Explore the details

Hover over the stock ticker to view its historical ROI or check out "View Why" to assess it's relevancy.


Looking for more?

Under the “Detailed Results” tab, you’ll find the criteria of your screen for your top results which you can rearrange as you like.

Test, Save and Share Your Strategy

Once a strategy has been defined, it can be backtested across five years of data and compared to the index of your choice. This gives you a clear view of how your strategy would have performed historically, helping you to understand if it could "beat the market" if if adjustments may be required.


Backtest your screen

Click the big "Calculate Performance" button... and voila!


Understand your results

Green line: Your strategy's performance over the past 5 years.
Red line: The performance of the index of you choice.
Dropdown: Select the index for comparison.


Adapt and compare

If your strategy isn't beating the market, feel free to adjust the parameters of your screen and retest as many times as you'd like.


Save and share your strategy

Once you've refined your strategy to your liking, don't forget to hit save! Want to share with your peers in the Technical Analysis community? Check the "Share this screen with other users" box!

We hope you now understand how beneficial it is to have the Trading Central research team on your side and how simple it is to harness their insights! Take advantage of Analyst Views today to plan your trades with expert technical analysis!

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