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TC Crowd Insight

TC Crowd Insight offers a refreshing, new perspective for investors to evaluate trade opportunities by providing an understanding of how the general public feels about a certain financial instrument.

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Use sentiment analytics to understand how the crowd feels about a financial instrument.

Does the public feel positively or negatively about Apple’s new product release? Is the optimistic coverage of Tesla stock rational or based on subjective emotion?

Using proprietary natural language processing, TC Crowd Insight scans thousands of web-harvested, credible news, blogs and social media sources every day to determine how the general public feels about a particular topic. Crowd Insight allows you to apply leading alpha generation, risk mitigation and precision timing tools to better support your investment strategy.

Finding actionable investment ideas

Discover the unique tools available to you through TC Crowd Insight!


Discover sentiment analytics

On the landing page, you have a full view of all the financial instruments being discussed online... The bigger the bubble, the more online chatter there is.

The colour of the bubble indicates if there is an overall positive or negative sentiment towards this financial instrument.

Hover over any instrument bubble for a more detailed view and click to be taken to the research page.


On the research page you'll find three powerful indicators, one of them being the Sentiment Score.

The Sentiment Score indicates how the crowd feels about a financial instrument, ranging from “very positive” (1) to “very negative” (-1).


The Subjectivity Score

This analytic shows how rational or irrational the crowd's opinion of an entity is.

This is helpful in identifying bubble markets!


The Confidence Score

The confidence score uses the total volume of news evidence to determine how much weight the sentiment score should carry.

View how the sentiment score compares to stock price.


The Sentiment History graph

This line graph shows how the overall sentiment score has changed overtime. The coloured line indicates the sentiment score as seen on the Y-axis. View how the overall sentiment relates to the instruments stock price, indicated by the white line on the graph.

Monitor your portfolio and news


Build your own watchlists

Keep track of instruments of interest by building as many instrument watchlists as you’d like!

We hope you now understand how beneficial it is to have the Trading Central research team on your side and how simple it is to harness their insights! Take advantage of Analyst Views today to plan your trades with expert technical analysis!

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