Set Technical Alerts with
Technical Insight

To ensure you stay on target with your investments, you can monitor just about any financial instrument using the alerts in Technical Insight™.

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Check each ticker symbol daily, or make things easier by setting up alerts!


Understanding Technical Events

Technical Insight uses Technical Analysis to look for trends and patterns that reflect a shift in the direction of a chart price. These are important changes that as an investor you need to know about! You can see the Technical Events that have occurred in the column on the right.

Setting up Technical Alerts


Look up a specific asset in Technical Insight and locate the alert bell in the upper right corner to get started.

Clicking the alert bell provides a number of alert types that are available to you. In the example below, we want to get alerts for Technical Event Opportunities. Then, chose which types of events you wish to get notifications about. You can be specific by choosing specific chart patterns or don't check off anything and get alerts any time that a Technical Event is triggered.

We hope you now understand how beneficial it is to have the Trading Central research team on your side and how simple it is to harness their insights! Take advantage of Analyst Views today to plan your trades with expert technical analysis!

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