Apple desktop with Value Analyzer on the screen. The stock is undervalued
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Value Analyzer indicates whether a stock represents a good business available at a good share price. Preview the company's strength and fair value.
About TC

Let's suppose you're interested in a specific company.

You'll start by looking it up in our Value Analyzer tool.

Value Analyzer helps you check whether you are dealing with a company that has a solid track record for business performance. It also helps you understand whether that company’s shares are trading at an attractive price for buying into that business.

Value Analyzer tool overview

Your first place to look is the traffic light at the top of the page.

In this case, the traffic light is green, which means this is a good candidate for value investors. First, the company is showing a strong track record of business performance. Secondly, it’s showing a reasonable likelihood for equity growth, and finally, we’ve calculated the stock to be “undervalued”.

First check the traffic light of TC Value Analyzer tool

In other cases, the traffic light might be yellow.

This means that the stock is trading near fair value.

Meaning of yellow light at TC Value Analyzer tool

The last option is for the traffic light to be red.

This means that the stock is overvalued and doesn't seem to meet the basic requirements for a value investor.

Meaning of red light at Value Analyzer tool

Reading The Charts

Notice that the chart on the left plots revenue and earnings growth over time.

Straighter lines demonstrate more consistent performance. Steeper lines slowing upward demonstrate higher rates of growth.

Reading charts with TC Value Analyzer tool

Let's also review the chart on the right.

This chart plots annual price ranges for the stock and compares this against a green line which is the calculated fair value price. In this case, it seems the stock is available at a lower price than the green line, suggesting it is undervalued.

Review charts with TC Value Analyzer tool