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Technical Insight

You can check the ticker on just about any financial instrument using Technical Insight™. This helps you easily track how prices have been changing and spot the different chart patterns that have formed.
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About TC

Check the ticker on just about any stock or ETF by looking it up in Technical Insight

Use the price chart to find price events and understand how prices have been changing over time.

Technical Insight uses standard practices of Technical Analysis.

Technical Analysis is used to understand how prices have been changing based on past trends and patterns. You can see the price events that have occurred in the column on the right.

Reading and Understanding the Price Events

Bullish and Bearish Technical Events.

A positive (or bullish) Technical Event can be generated when a chart pattern forms, suggesting the price is moving higher. A negative (or bearish) Technical Event can form when a chart pattern shows the price is moving downwards. You can read about why these chart patterns are significant by clicking to reveal the description in the right panel.

Active Technical Events

Green dots are used on the chart to show bullish Technical Events, while red squares are used to show bearish Technical Events.

Use Technical Insight to analyze the instrument across multiple time frames.

Watch the stock or ETF across different time frames

The tabs across the top provide perspectives of the stock or ETF across different time frames including short-term, intermediate-term and long-term.

Check out this example!

In this example, in the short-term we are seeing many signs of strength, indicating strong bullish evidence which helps to validate the idea to invest in a stock like this.