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Filtering the Market

Technical Insight

Browse through the financial instruments with Technical Insight to find out which price charts and markets look promising for your next investment.
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Using Technical Insight to analyze Technical Events

Start by choosing which type of instrument you want to explore.

Using Technical Insight you have the option to explore the following instruments: Stocks & ETFs, Index, Forex or Futures. Hit subscribe to get new investment opportunities sent straight to your email address.

Using Technical Insight to analyze Technical Events

Use the price charts to understand Technical Events that have occurred.

This list shows the financial instruments that have recently formed a Technical Event. A Technical Event represents a significant occurrence based on our price chart analysis. In the example below you can see stock options that have formed different patterns such as a bullish Flag, a Diamond Bottom and a Symmetrical Continuation Triangle.

Check price charts to understand Technical Events that have occurred

The Opportunity Type Column

The Opportunity Type Column shows whether the Technical Event was found as a sign of strength or weakness. In other words, are we seeing signs of a bullish or bearish movement. Switch to a chart view by click in the upper right corner.

TC Technical Events opportunity type Column

Applying filters to narrow down your results

Use the filters across the top of the screen to get results that best match your needs!

Common filters across the top of your screen include filtering by Exchange, List, Industry, or Opportunity Type.

apply filters with  TC Technical Insights

Open more filters on the left side of the screen and narrow down the universe of your search even more.

These filters include searching for only stocks or only ETFs. Alternatively, filter for stocks in a specific price range as some investors may not want to include options such as penny stocks. Investors can also use the TC Quantamental Rating to filter for higher quality stocks. The options are endless!

Add more filters with apply filters with TC Technical Insights

Diving into Technical Event Filters!

Start by choosing Chart Periods and Event Types.

You have the option of choosing daily or weekly charts. Meanwhile, Technical Insight offers a variety of Event Types including Classic Patterns, Candlestick & Bar Patterns, Indicators and Oscillators. Keep your search broad by filtering for all Classic Chart Patterns or get specific by choosing a certain pattern that matches your needs.

choose charts and Events types with apply filters with  TC Technical Insights

Choose and Save your Filters

Hit the subscribe button so you can save your criteria to the alert center. This means you can find your saved criteria in the latest results and get new matching opportunities sent directly to your inbox.

Save filters with TC Technical Insights