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Technical Insight delivers technical analysis on every financial instrument. Discover how to navigate the premium features to validate your trades today.
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1. Welcome to your landing page!

Here you can use the search bar, a list of recent searches and emerging opportunities based on popularity, price direction and trading volume.

2. Have a specific investment in mind?

Type any ticker or name into our easy search bar and you'll get instant insight about which technical events are currently active, and what are important support and resistance levels.

3. Want to explore a specific asset class?

Click its icon from under the search bar and you'll be taken  to our screener, where you can filter the latest bullish and bearish technical events based on the directional trend, patterns found, instrument price, volume market cap, and more.

Validate investment ideas

Technical Insight helps you form confident investment decisions by providing an unbiased perspective on where the price may be headed, according to established practices of technical analysis.

2. Gain quick directional insight.

Our Technical Summary Score displays a concise directional analysis across short, intermediate and long-term timeframes. Select a timeframe to explore all technical events contributing to this weight-of-evidence analysis.

2. Active Technical Events

Use our interactive charts to explore the active bullish and bearish Technical Events to learn about what they mean for the instrument's price. Click to "learn more" to discover how these patterns typically form and what it tells us about buying and selling behaviour.