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Getting Started

TC Value Analyzer helps you learn about value investing and form confident decisions with its intuitive view of all key-value investing metrics.
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Let's get acquainted with the basics...

1. Simple lookup for any stock!

If you already have an instrument in mind, use to easy search bar from the landing page to lookup up any stock symbol for instant insight.

Start with TC Value Analyzer

2. Find what's important to you.

The Value Screener enables you to filter the market based on the criteria that's important to you, including dividend yield, revenue consistency, and much more!

Find what you are searchng with TC Value Analyzer

3. Learn about value investing!

Under the education tab, you'll find introductory resources to build your understanding of the principles of value investing and how to determine fair value.

Learn Value Inesting with TC Value Analyzer

Great inspiration from pre-screened value stocks

Value Analyzer can offer you a daily list of pre-screened value stock ideas. Each opportunity identified will have exceeded a minimum threshold in several key categories providing undervalued stocks that make great trade ideas!

check pre-screened value stocks with TC Value Analyzer

Look up any stock of interest & do what-if analysis to calculate possible equity growth

1. Easy lookup for any stock!

Value Analyzer provides intuitive value analysis on any stock of interest with the easy value lookup feature. You'll be taken to a Value Summary page for that stock which will break down all the historical information such as stock price, dividends paid, outstanding shares and more.

Calculate equity growth with TC Value Analyzer

2. Perform what-if analysis to calculate possible equity growth

Once you've accessed the Value Summary page for a stock of interest, you can create "what-if" scenarios to project the potential equity growth.

Perform What-if with TC Value Analyzer

Discover the value of any stock...

There are a number of tools available that are there to save you time analyzing the companies you are considering for your investments. One of the most popular ways to use these tools is to simply type in a ticker symbol and take just a few minutes to check up on a stock and quickly understand company strength and pricing analysis. In this short video we will show you how!