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Featured Ideas

Featured Ideas enables you to identify suitable intraday trade ideas. Learn about technical analysis and what each pattern means for an instrument's price.
About TC

Let's look at the key features...

The Featured Ideas landing page provides you with up to 10 unique trade ideas identified through a combination of award-winning technical analysis and your own customized settings.

Featured Ideas with Trading Central

Discover your trade ideas

Click through the different instruments within the top ribbon to learn more about any trade idea. Here you'll find information on why it was identified, the anticipated price action and an interactive chart tracking the idea in real-time!

Discover Trade Ideas with Trading Central

It's easy to act on ideas you like

Simply click the "trade now" button to be redirected to your brokers trading page!

Act with Trading Central

Check an idea on the go

To keep a close eye on any idea, select the mobile link and share! From there, you can easily copy and paste the link into any mobile browser (or even add it to your home screen to act as an app), making it easy to track its movement in real-time!

Check for Ideas on the go with Trading Central

Customize your settings to tailor your ideas!

Markets never sleep... Currency prices are constantly shifting and there's a massive excess of information online that today's traders need to sift through to make confident decisions. Featured Ideas was designed to help you tune out that noise and focus on actionable trade ideas that match your unique investment style and preferences!

Focus on what's important to you

When you click on the gear icon in the top right, you can specify your favourite currency pairs, chart patterns, bar sizes and holding timeframes. After you click "done", Featured Ideas will only show you ideas that match these preferences.

Focus on what is important with Trading Central

Learn about Technical Analysis!

Learn about each Technical Event® Found

As you click through the different trade ideas, you can easily hover over any pattern name to discover how it forms and what it typically means for an instrument's price.

To the right of the chart, you'll find a detailed breakdown of all the important facts you need to know to make a confident, informed decision on that trade idea.

Learn  about Technical Events Found with Trading Central

"Watch" an idea over time

To see how any idea will perform over time, click the star button to have it added to your watchlist. This way, you can easily check back on the idea to see how the pattern played out for the instrument's price!

Watch ideas with Trading Central over time