Desktop Apple with TC Market Buzz on the screen. Bubble design with instruments and filters along the left
Read less, know more

TC Market Buzz

TC Market Buzz solves the "infobesity" problem. Buzz helps you easily spot which stocks and topics are "buzzing" and delivers a smarter news experience.
About TC

Tackling information overload...

Every single day, there are over 92,000 new articles and 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data (Forbes) added to the internet... That’s so much content, it would take the average person 2,273 years to read! So how are you expected to find, gather and decipher what all these could mean for a particular investment?

That’s why we created TC Market Buzz.  It sifts through tens of thousands of quality social media channels, blogs and news sites every day to provide a concise, accurate view of the market's latest buzz on any given stock, currency pair or commodity. In an instant, you gain a reliable view on the crowd’s impact on an investment idea and can follow the discussion easily.

Find actionable investment ideas

Discover the unique tools available to you through TC Market Buzz!

Discover trending entities

On the landing page, you have a full view of all the financial instruments being discussed online... The bigger the bubble, the more online chatter there is.

Keep an eye out for “buzzing” topics... These are entities that have seen a major spike in news within the past 24H!

Hover over any instrument bubble for a more detailed view and click to be taken to the research page.

Filter for what’s important to you

Narrow down the universe of ideas by selecting any combination of filters like sectors, countries and timeframe.

Take a unique perspective

The different indicators available within Buzz make it easy to overlay additional insight like price trend or how the crowd feels about the instrument.

Access detailed research

Unique insights on financial instruments

Click through on any instrument to discover news metrics like price to coverage history, the most discussed topics, how negative/positive the coverage has been and the news to social split, or browse through the curated news feed!

Monitor your portfolio and news

Build your own watchlists

Keep track of instruments of interest by building as many instrument watchlists as you’d like!

Explore the Newsdesk

Discover top news from quality sources curated by our AI! Click on any article to read more and create your own feed to keep an eye on popular topics!