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Multi-factor trade ideas

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Forex Featured Ideas brings you live trade ideas by analyzing every currency pair every time we get a new price bar, whether for a 5-minute chart or more.
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When a pattern is detected and matches your interests, the best ten ideas are laid out for you across the top.

Each featured idea prominently displays the size of move that's anticipated.

You might choose to look at those featured ideas with a large number, or choose a currency pair that you're familiar with.

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Customize your ideas through the Custom Settings button in the upper right corner.

Here you can filter for specific bar sizes, holding time frames and charts/technicals.

Customize your ideas

Here we are looking at a featured idea.

These ideas will often include a chart pattern but what makes this unique is the multi-factor nature of these scenarios. Each idea typically has another supporting indicator so that we have a strong weight of evidence giving us confidence in the opportunity.

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It is displayed as a multi-factor trade idea.

This multi- factor trade idea is visualized on a live chart so you can see where the current real-time price is relative to the technical analysis drawn here. You can clearly see the price swings that create the pattern formation. You can learn more by interacting with the pattern name revealing a brief explanation.

Displaying multi-factor trade ideas

Understanding the target price range.

The target price range is visualized with a shaded area on the chart. You can easily see the price unfold. An important part of trading success, is to journal your trades to learn from them, so click the WATCH button to save the featured idea and check back on it later. This is a live environment that trade ideas disappear quickly so act fast whether it's to click that watch button or to take a position.

Understand target price range